13 Moon Calendar

No paper diary!

I’ve been using the 13 Moon Diary and it’s amazing natural time system for quite a while. Although, I did not buy the latest release: I have moved up the technology ladder from paper to computer. I use iCal every day on the MacBook and when it’s not around, I can access the same calendar synched by Google.

Digital 13 Moon Diary

Of course I missed the everyday information on the solar seal and the tone of a day. If you want to plan an event, it’s always good to tune in to the energy of a day  and feel if it suits the activity.

So I rebuilt the 13 Moon Calendar on .ics file. Every day is starting off with a single line like “White Overtone Mirror”. The language for this is fixed in English, even if your computer language is different, such as Dutch in my case.




13 Moon in iCal

  • Start iCal.  In the Menu, choose Calendar (NL:Agenda). Choose Subscribe (NL:Abonneer). Copy-paste the following URL
  • Calendar URL : http://apps.voeten.com/13moon/13moon2013.ics
  • On the following screen, give this subscribtion the name “13 Moon”.
  • Hit OK!
  • Note: This calendar is valid through 2013, but may be updated during the year to last longer.

In Google Calendar

This is nice, isn’t it? Well, click on Next Month for the real fun.

  • Enter your Google Calendar
  • Click on the Down-Arrow next to Other Calendars
  • Add By URL
  • Calendar URL : http://apps.voeten.com/13moon/13moon2013.ics
  • Fill in a nice name and click “Add Calendar”. Enjoy!

For Developers

The source code of the PHP script to generate this .ICS file, is available at http://apps.voeten.com/13moon/makecal.phps

  • The GNU GPL V3 License is applicable.
  • If you want to generate ICS for a different year, just set the kin of the first day and the year at the top of the code.

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