European Elections : final vote

Although I actually do not believe in democrazy at all (In my book, I call this institute the illusion of the majority) I did fill out the Dutch voting guide Stemwijzer Eenvandaag. Let me make one thing clear: I will not vote that awful D’66 ever again.  They happen to just switch positions  once they […]

The collapse is coming

A European thinktank is anticipating a full crash of the monetary system later this year. Why: The Chinese are no longer buying US bonds. They are selling $$$$ Dollars to avoid their own collapse. US Taxes – always being paid in April – will be 28% lower, expenses increasing +41%. Who is going to lend […]

Fear of a Blank Planet

Porcupine Tree rocked the house at 013 Tilburg. Due to dvd recordings, they refused to play the best tracks of the previous album, so we ended up with Fear of a Blank Planet (their masterpiece) and many sleepy tracks from earlier ages where Steve used the acoustic guitar. We were standing at a perfect spot […]

Communication Breakdown

All mobile phones are now empty. Email at voeten.com is down. What more do you want? This is the real vacation. You can now use this contact form again, the destination email should be up. Read within 14 days haha 😉

Visit to Oosterschelde Dam

The 12th world miracle: the closeable dam in the Oosterschelde river, the best horse of the Delta works, protecting Zeeland against the sea. You can enter the huge concrete blocks to see the water rushing in from close by. These pics were taken when the sea was 1m higher than the Oosterschelde. The two red […]