De-scrambling the Kalimba theme

The easter egg

The easter egg. Or see it in their live demo.

A friend happened to have chosen the Kalimba theme for WordPress. Which is nice, but it contains an easter egg. The footer contains some stupid links and you can’t just edit this code right away. The code has been obfuscated or scrambled using eval() (evil?) code.

When you check the code in footer.php, you’ll find yourself looking at this mumbo-jumbo.

The code. How to edit that one?

The code. How to edit that one?

1. Make a copy

Of course, we need to be able to roll back if we went wrong. Copy footer.php to footer-x.php.

2. Use this code

Here is the code that would otherwise be produced by the eval() tricks. Use this file and rename it to footer.php

3. Remove the SUV

Once you have the real code, it’s obvious what to do. Hack out the SUV! kalimbasucks3

4. Promise

Repeat after me: I promise never ever to intentionally use a theme producec by Templatepanic.