Effective Microorganisms

Years ago, Robert Y gave me some EM-ceramics to use with water. Ever since, I have been using EM. Tennis mates usually ask, what is that in your water. The answer is longer than the coffee break or the player’s attention. Lately I tend to give away these fabulous micro organisms. Read on to see why.

The last years I have been expanding the use with EM-A, the brown-yeasty sugared water. I use it for:

  • cleaning of toilets, kitchen, pans, shower and floors. Usually at about 1:10. It’s cleaner than chemical soaps and keeps cleaner a longer period. And it costs less effort and money to use.
  • drinking. A small glass most often used for Jenever: snap it in at once. Then drink wate,2 large glasses. You see the difference when you look behind in the toilet.
  • tooth brushing. Better than Paradontax, which I have used and still use. Once a day I use EM. It’s fresher but to keep Suzanneout of the stronger mouth smell, I often use normal toothpaste afterwards. The diffference: toothpaste is to reduce the smell, EM is to replace the smell.
  • plants. Every couple of months, I dissolve 1:100 EM-A in the plants water.Plant roots make a special cooperation with the yeastst and grow stronger.
  • Next year, when we have a garden, I will use the EM bucket to compost our kitchen waist.

Friends can obtain a free portion of EM-A or ceramics. My mother was hooked at the first bottle and so is aunt Elma. Luuk’s wife took his EM-ceramics, they are now “hers”.

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