Feet on horse and feet

The miracolous horse communication has been going on another week in France, at Paard & Coach and Ecolonie. Paard and Coach is Thirza Schaa, widow of the fabulous Pieter Baalbergen who left us last year. With 3 girls I went through the forests of France (Vosges), on horseback. My pained left-leg muscles gave up horseriding (draven), so the last days I spent walking myself. Besides the large photo collection below, there’s a small Youtube vid (12Mb) of the Goat Milking.

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On the pics, the horses of Paarn & Coach, the girls Marlous van Deelen and Florine Vermaas, Thirza Schraa and Paula Benthem. Name of the goat farmer I forgot. And Me!

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