Cutting 2-3 years old willow branches

The works of a Griendworker, the old crafts of the Biesbosch, The Netherlands.

Our guide Toon is showing us how to cut 2-years old branches from a willow tree and take off the bast. These were used to surround a (water)bucket. The 3 years old branches were used to grow bean plants onto.

Fruit Planting Day

Our permaculture-garden project has come a step closer. The many square meters of yellow sand have shrinked a bit after the planting of several trees and plants. At De Batterijen (the best, experts say) we picked up the following: 1x apple tree Notaris 2x pear tree Doyenne du Comice 12 x Raspberry (framboos) Glen Moy […]

Tibetan uprise against Chinese occupation

Uprise in Tibet 58 years after the Chinese invasion of Tibet and the flee of the many monks and the Dalai Lama, the Tibetans are standing up against the Chinese. Why? The Chinese governments is trying to wipe out the Tibetan Buddhism  6.000 monasteries  and temples have been destroyed by the Chinese No freedom of […]

Start of Garden reconstruction

Starting off to turn our garden into a permaculture heaven, the plan is first to remove the square pond where nothing ever lived except for the koikarpers a previuos owner kept there and the waterplants that did not die in the underwater baskets. Luckily Edward came in to help a big bit. In a single […]

Bries is coming at a breeze

Maybe 8 or 10 weeks, that is the expected time of arrival of the Bries. It’s a hybrid of a bike and a bullit, built by Dries.  My bike will have the following specs: 2 front wheels, 1 rear wheel, all 20”. color: super yellow ral 1016  9 Speed Shimao Tiagra Dual Control shifters […]