Back online

Due to the move I’ve been offline since last sunday. Over 100 hours. Ooff. Happy everything worked pretty quickly. Brought up my ADSL-connection even before  XS$ALL could pick up the phone. Cause of the problem: My IP address was fixed in the router. After the move, they really gave me a new one.

Color-Bank has gone live! is a new market place for a sustainable living. Anyone can join in, place ads and make a booking to any of the other participants. We use the RGB-unit of value, which is as simple as nature itself. this way is called Rainbow Trading and is explained at Sorry, the English site is […]

24×7 Hidden Waste of Power

In an old box I found a power meter: a small device to measure power usage for electric equipment. Currently: 158 W for a pc, a monitor and a audio set. Okay. Could be better maybe, nevertheless. Once I switched everything off, 52W was still in use. Huh? All devices off and still eating power […]