Feet on horse and feet

The miracolous horse communication has been going on another week in France, at Paard & Coach and Ecolonie. Paard and Coach is Thirza Schaa, widow of the fabulous Pieter Baalbergen who left us last year. With 3 girls I went through the forests of France (Vosges), on horseback. My pained left-leg muscles gave up horseriding […]

Happy Birthday

All of you who remembered to celebrate my 35th year, thanx. I really appreciate the hugs, kisses, gifts and songs! Colleagues from Roncalli, you really surprised me and Ria, great to see you coming back like this. Whoever wishes to drop by: Friday 13th, 20.00 – ??.?? at my place in Maassluis.

Live Earth: an Untrue Inconvenience.

Sure, today the Live Earth media hype is rolling over the planet. By now, we should all believe that the CO2 problem is indeed the biggest problem of them all. Really? The real problem is hidden I had always thought that the biggest problem is the upcoming energy crisis. We are at the peak of […]